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EnviroSafety can plan the best way to keep your workforce safe. We offer a number of ways to protect workers from falls including conventional systems such as guardrail systems, safety net systems, personal fall protection systems, fall arrest systems, positioning systems and travel restraint systems.

Ensuring your job site is worksafe compliant and safe as possible saves your company time & company. Your employees occupational safety is paramount and choosing the most appropriate fall injury prevention system is essential. The correct selection, installation and use of safety protection equipment is critical to their effectiveness when arresting falls.

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360 Fall Protection Solutions Businesses Count On

We can help you develop a fall protection plan that will keep your workforce safe and injury claims low. Fall hazards can be very dangerous. Which is why we conduct a full safety audit at your facility and the development of effective, customized solution to the work conducted at height. Our solutions are a 360 implementation, from providing you with the right equipment to the training you need to get your people ready for your job site.

We can design your fall protection plan and offer safety, process improvement, call 604-298-7777 to speak with us

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Fall Protection Training Courses

Fall Protection

Fall Protection 8 Hour Course


Controlled Descent 8 Hour Course

Any person that will be required to work at a height or where fall protection is necessary as per OHS Regulations. Which is precisely why over the years we have developed some of the most comprehensive fall protection courses in the industry.

Our courses combine both theory and practical training using current, approved fall protection equipment. The training always includes quality instruction, demonstration hands-on and written exercises. You team will learn how to eliminate fall hazards, learn how to identify components of  fall arrest systems, and learn proper planning methods to control fall hazards.

As a 360 Fall Protection provider, know we will not only provide you with the right training, but the equipment to get the job done right. We have one of the largest product lines available, meaning if you need it, its likely we have it.

Fall Protection Equipment

The Occupational Health and Safety Regulation requires workers to use a fall protection system where they could fall at least 3 m (10 ft.) or where a fall from a lesser height may result in serious injury. We offer a full line up of equipment that can be used to keep you safe.

We offer a 360 solution for fall protection, as most of the time you are going to need more than just one product.

We always recommend before choosing a fall protection system, you should first consider installing guardrails or barriers. They provide a high degree of protection once installed properly. Call 604-298-7777 so we can better understand your requirements and recommend the best equipment & training to get the job done.








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