360 Fall Protection Consulting Solutions Businesses Rely On

Slips Trips & Falls are a leading cause of injury in workplaces leading to hundreds of lost man hours. Companies eager to reduce injuries & keep their workforce safe choose EnviroSafety to provide market leading fall protection consulting, which includes:


  • Fall Hazard Evaluation
  • Systems Design
  • Site research
  • Standards Development
  • Inspection of current systems.
  • Fall Protection Policy Development
  • Fall Protection Hazard Assessments

Solve Your Fall Protection Needs Right Now

How does it work?

We start each Fall Protection consult with an evaluation of the current systems in place & the challenges facing your company. This could be working at height or evaluating a job your company will be at over the next few months. Our fall protection experts will show you how you can keep your workforce safer & implement equipment / training to reduce the likelihood of injuries.


Fall Protection Planning & Procedure Development

Get a plan, the equipment and training you need to get any job at height done safely. In order to keep your people safe you need to ensure they know what to do in an emergency situation. Which is precisely why we hand craft fall protection procedures that can easily be followed by your employees. These plans are crafted to be simple to use so they can widely be implemented, with us not only do you get the equipment you get the knowledge you need to do your job safe.


Every company that works at height or has fall hazards should be trained for fall protection. Our consulting services will evaluate which one of your employees need fall protection training and get them certified with the right credentials. We offer training courses on a schedule that will fit your company needs. Our training is based on industry requirements and government regulations.


Equipment Implementation

Keeping your workforce safe and injuries down requires you to have the right equipment in place. After our initial hazard evaluation we will figure our the type of equipment you need and how much you will require. This will help you make cost projections and ensure you are meeting safety standards. As a secondary measure you want to make sure your workforce knows how to use the equipment, which is precisely why when combined with our training your workforce will be ready for almost any danger situation.

We work with good people.

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