Confined Space Safety

Confined Spaces have limited openings for entry and exit which can make a workplace potentially dangerous. EnviroSafety will evaluate your confined space work area and recommend the right products & training for your company.

A carefully designed work safety plan can help your company save thousands of lost man hours to injury. We help you to safely get the work done and keep your employees up to date with the latest training & technology

Confined Space Consulting

Confined Space Equipment

Confined Space Training

360 Confined Space Solutions Businesses Can Count On

Environmental hazards can impact you workforce. Our 360 consulting helps to keep your work force out of harms way.  We will plan everything for you from when you are going to be training your employees, to outfitting them with all the latest equipment to get the job safely done. Safety is our first concern, and providing you with the right equipment is our duty.

Confined Space Consultations are all initially free. We will sit down with you and figure out your current requirements and make suggestions based on what you tell us and what we find from our environmental analysis. This consultation is designed to help you make the right decisions when it comes to a job site & your employees.

Confined Space Training Courses


Confined Space 8 Hours


Confined Space 12 Hours


Confined Space 24 Hours


Confined Space 32 Hours

Click Start Training For Confined Spaces to narrow down which course you need for your job specific needs. You can also call anytime at 604-298-7777 and we would be happy to explain.

We are a 360 safety solution provider, meaning we will go deeper than your traditional training. Our expert staff can guide you on the right equipment to use as well as how to safely use it. We can also work with you to figure out how to best spend your safety budget to keep your employees safe and costs in control.

We help make confined space entry manageable. Our  Confined Space plans can help keep your employees trained and informed on best practices.  Confined spaces can be very dangerous places unless proper procedures are followed before and during entry. We offer a comprehensive consultation to get your team trained & equipped with the right confined space equipment.  Call 604-298-7777 to book a time to analyze your confined space strategy.

Confined Space Equipment

Everyday we help companies get the right confined confined space equipment for their employees and their job sites. When you buy from us expect we will know how to use the equipment and will know how to guide you on the best practices of how to safely use it. When you buy or rent from us we will help you implement your confined space equipment with the right training & guidance.


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