360° Confined Space Solutions To Make Your Company Safer

Working in confined spaces can be very dangerous to employees and costly to companies if your employees are not properly trained and equipped. At EnviroSafety we will work with you to evaluate your confined space applications to ensure your employees have the right procedures, equipment, training and skills to do your confined space work safely and injury free.  We make the process simple by breaking it into four steps we call our 360 confined space solution:


  • Identification and Assessment

  • Entry and Rescue Planning

  • Entry and Rescue Training

  • Equipment Implementation and Training

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How Does Confined Space Consulting work?

Each confined space consultation is unique to your company and the requirements of the job. EnviroSafety will spend time with you to understand your confined space requirements and the specifics goals you need to achieve.  Our goal with this confined space consultation is to determine where there are gaps that need to be filled. We will then provide you with a 360 solution for your confined space challenges.


360 Degree Confined Space Consulting? Yes We Can.

We will sit down with you to discuss the details of your job.  This will include understanding how many employees are involved, how may confined spaces require entry, what kind of work needs to be done, and the time frame for the job.  We can review your scope of work documents, review pictures and make a site visit.

Training Audit 

We will evaluate your employees’ confined space training certifications and determine whether refresher, additional or advanced training is necessary to bring their training certifications to the necessary level to complete your confined space work safely.  We can provide the necessary level of confined space entry and rescue training at our training centre using job appropriate confined space simulators, equipment, procedures and hands on practice drills to ensure confined space competency.

Man down man down

Equipment Evaluation

We will evaluate your current confined space equipment needs based on the type of confined spaces you will need to work in, and provide you with a detailed equipment list and quote.  We can provide all of the necessary equipment, and the equipment specific training to go with it.


The initial confined space consultation will take approximately 30-60 minutes and is free.  At the end of it we will draft and provide you with a 360 confined space solution which will outline the various activities, timelines and costs.


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